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Business is in the business of attracted attention, without which the business itself will perish.
“Take it online” the new mantra of the 21st century, all well and good but millions of websites competing for your attention, cutting through the white noise is an uphill task.
A social media campaign to create awareness and inbound leads will cost a tidy penny too….with results that may not equal the investment.
The kind of penny a small struggling business can do without spending.
The solution to this is a network of high-quality websites designed by small business owners for small business owners who need to be heard on the internet.
The power of SEO and backlinks that give websites credibility and authority is immense.
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Your details will remain confidential at times, our aim is to add value not detract value.
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Digital Empire The Collective Voice of Business in South Africa.

Who are we and what gives us the authority..?

My name is Rich Armstrong and I’m principal director of the company Rich Armstrong Pty Ltd who owns the brand “Ace of Base” ,a fast growing pizza business originating from Ballito KZN but is in the midst of a gaining representation throughout SA with a store in Cape Town and a soon to be launched store in Gauteng.
Ace of Base started in a garage, being asked on many an occasion what made me come up with the idea… the reply has always been the same, I rather fancied the idea of keeping a shirt on my back and a meal on the table…
Making pizza bases was never our initial intention at Rich Armstrong Pty Ltd, our true ideas and dreams never materialized and with that we were forced into a corner, in need of survival, “Ace of Base” became our salvation.
Ace of Base was plan B.
The point is this, we started with nothing, completely nothing… most crucially no prior industrial experience, no networks, and no allies. Given the battles through recession, corruption, pandemics, floods, riots, and a low skill set province we have given our willpower and tenacity a jolly good workout…in essence we are business battle hardened.
We understand all too well the battles and challenges faced by small business in South Africa.
We also understand that it is possible to grow despite all roadblocks placed in the way…if a business is willing to be flexible in its thinking and approach.

We also understand that if business is to survive in South Africa then more synergy between B2B is required.
Our plan B turned into our “A” game, sometimes the road to success aren’t the roads we pick but rather the ones that are designed for us for maximum growth through challenge.
So now I am able to turn my attention to helping other would be struggling small business owners and entrepreneurs in South Africa increase their chances of survival through synergistic effort starting with the Digital Empire.